Connect to Agent Jonny Utah

Service Order #:   
Connection Issues?
Please note the following SOP items will be verified at the time of connection, please verify that this system meets requirements and that information provided is accurate:

Hardware Requirements

  • System has at least 380MB of RAM
  • System has at least 1GB of free hard drive space
  • System has Current MRI BDE CD inserted
  • System is connected through a Wired connection (Wireless connections are NOT supported)

Software Troubleshooting

  • Initial connection of computer is in Normal Mode (connections initiated in Safe Mode and MRI BDE PE Mode are NOT supported)
  • Check if the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) service is started and its Startup Type is set to Automatic
  • Reset Internet Explorer browser settings
  • Turn off any software firewalls
  • Disable any running antivirus before running Preconnect. Once Preconnect has finished connecting the machine, please re-enable antivirus
  • If Internet Explorer is causing problems, even after a browser reset, try to connect the machine using Chrome located on the MRI BDE disc. You can find it under Agent Toolbox->Web Browsers->Chrome
  • If these steps do not resolve the connection issue, please contact the BlackOps group through Lync to request a LogMeIn Rescue pin code and manually connect the machine by navigating to Please be sure to provide the BlackOps agent the Service Order # and Service details of the machine that you are having trouble connecting.